Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Default Password for Motorola Netopia 3000 DSL modem/ wireless router

A recent frustration involved a DSL/wireless installation for a non-profit. I was running out of battery on my laptop trying to configure the wireless router settings for their new Motorola 3000/ Netopia 3347 ASDL modem and wireless router.

Every document I read said that the default username and password were "admin" and the serial ID of the device.

Actually, the default password is the Security ID of the device, printed on a separate yellow sticker on the bottom of the device.


  1. I have encountered a similar problem, but the yellow sticker is not present on my netopia.

  2. where did you get that router from? seems hacky to me...

    the default password on mine was 1234, tho.

  3. Worked great for me. Had to be connected via an ethernet cable though.